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          Crystal clear water, gourmet food, and family are the top three words that come to mind when I think of Wilderness Lodge on Black River in Lesterville, MO. This beautiful resort is tucked away in Central Missouri (more…)

Just can't get that one dining reservation at Disney World that you really wanted?? This post will help you find and reserve a table for your Disney World Vacation!

Goodness me, where does the time go? First, I would like to apologize to all my readers for being MIA these past couple of months. The stress and responsibilities of my daytime job plus finishing my degree has really sucked all my energy. After a few months of hectic-ness, I realized just how much I need to write about The Happiest Place on Earth to decompress some, so here I am again! Hello!

The last time I checked in with you all, I announced that I was planning a Disney World trip in under 2 months. Was I crazy? Perhaps, (more…)

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Adorable! I will be making both of these cute DIY crafts for my daughter's Elena of Avalor Party!

Our Elena of Avalor journey continues with a few fun DIY accessories for your little Elena fan! No Elena of Avalor soiree would be complete without Elena’s bracelet and hair flower. Let’s start with the bracelet! (more…)

So easy & delicious! My kids LOVE these! Can't wait to make these for dinner!
Yes, the excessive heat warnings are still here in the Midwest and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon. Bleh. Luckily, we are still in full party mode with our Elena of Avalor party from Friday! Putting up all the decorations and, of course, the main event of FINALLY getting to watch Elena of Avalor on Disney Channel are wonderful, but little tummies need something to nibble on. 🙂 (more…)

Elena of Avalor Party! My daughter would love this so much! Disney has surely outdone themselves with their new princess! Love!

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Eleeena, Elena of Avalor! Am I the only parent who has had the theme song from Disney’s newest princess stuck in my head? No? Oh, good! My little Minnie has been OBSESSED with Elena of Avalor for about the past week and what better way to welcome the new princess than with a little party?


Real tips from a real mom who's been there! What to pack for your next Disney World trip in your backpack.
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After you are all ready for lugging your stroller all around the parks, the next most important item you can have at Disney is the backpack. If you are able to get by without a backpack, just know that I envy you deeply. Until a time comes where I can for the most part trust my little ones to not spill something or need some accessory, I am stuck with  so lucky to get to carry one. 🙂 (more…)

Traveling to WDW with stroller aged kids? You NEED this post on what you need for a smooth (yes, pun intended) trip with a stroller to Disney World.

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Lists, lists, lists. I love lists! Everything is so orderly and I (probably) won’t forget anything.  When it is time to start planning and packing for a Disney adventure, lists are the only thing that keep me from losing my mind.  (more…)

Our favorite resting spot at Disney World! So beautiful and so quiet!  Love to pretend we are Rapunzel at the Lantern festival
Hi there! Welcome back! The next post for the Magic In The Details Series is all about the BEST bathroom in all of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World: Rapunzel’s Bathroom. It’s ok, this isn’t going to turn into some oversharing critique of which toilet to use or anything like that. Promise! (more…)

Have a successful and no stress garage sale.April showers bring May garage sales I always say! Well, not really, but it’s true. After welcoming spring and rampaging thru the house with spring cleaning, I always find I have one too many boxes of stuff that is of no use to us. Sorry, to my kids’ grandparents, but those stuffed animals and those “must have” parenting items just aren’t making the cut anymore. Sayanora!  (more…)