Even online, bloggers need to remember to be kind and courteous to each other!

Yeah, we are living in a digital world and I am a digital girl….is that how the song goes? No? 🙂  Unfortunately, as much as we live in a material world we definitely live in a digital world. A world where it is all too easy to forget that we need to be kind and courteous to the other digital entrepreneurs out there. 

Why this friendly reminder? Well, this past week has been an interesting look into the uglier side of blogging. All in all, due to an unintentional error and lack of oversight on my part, a fellow blogger tried to contact me by posting a comment on one of my blog posts. In my book, that is a big ole NO-NO! I may be old-fashioned, but I was taught to take up issues with another person, personally. Like, using good old fashioned email!

Ladies and Gents, posting a issue like this in a potentially public way is just all around bad form! Luckily, I do have my comments set up to be approved before posting, so I could still deal with this in a private way. But, I honestly can not believe that another “seasoned” blogger would ever think that that is an acceptable way to contact a fellow blogger. 

So, please, whether you are a new blogger or an old pro, contact your fellow bloggers in a courteous and professional manner! We put a Contact Me page in the menu for a reason! Please, please, please, pretty please! Treat your fellow bloggers like you would wish to be treated. There is a reason it is called The Golden Rule. 🙂

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