Anyone can live a Magical Life on a small budget! Follow these 6 tips to balance your budget and save more! Love #5, a great idea!

I see a million posts on Pinterest for how to live one income, small budget, etc. I am probably the first person to click on them every time, I am always looking for more ways to save money and stretch my budget! The problem is, almost every post I read is for two parent homes or two-income families. They all have good tips, however, they just don’t jive with my situation. You see, I am a single parent.

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April showers bring May garage sales I always say! Well, not really, but it’s true. After welcoming spring and rampaging thru the house with spring cleaning, I always find I have one too many boxes of stuff that is of no use to us. Sorry, to my kids’ grandparents, but those stuffed animals and those “must have” parenting items just aren’t making the cut anymore. Sayanora! 

We have all been there — that unexpected bill that pops up and now your entire budget is thrown off… Ugh. I know I have been there a few too many times and I finally decided that I had enough. Financial surprises are never easy, but you can make them a bit more manageable, or maybe even handle them with a smile with these 4 tips. 🙂