So easy & delicious! My kids LOVE these! Can't wait to make these for dinner!

Yes, the excessive heat warnings are still here in the Midwest and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon. Bleh. Luckily, we are still in full party mode with our Elena of Avalor party from Friday! Putting up all the decorations and, of course, the main event of FINALLY getting to watch Elena of Avalor on Disney Channel are wonderful, but little tummies need something to nibble on. 🙂

Oh, Tres Leches Cake, how I love thee! I can remember a small Hispanic bakery that moved into our little community some years ago and introduced us all to Tres Leches cake. One bite and we were hooked! It was a sad, sad day when that bakery closed its doors. For so many years, I never even attempted to make my own Tres Leches Cake — I was convinced it was just too difficult, what with the three types of… Read more »

Yes, you heard that right! It’s a pancake in a mug made in the microwave. This recipe was a happy little experiment at work and I am thrilled that it turned out!