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Adorable! I will be making both of these cute DIY crafts for my daughter's Elena of Avalor Party!

Our Elena of Avalor journey continues with a few fun DIY accessories for your little Elena fan! No Elena of Avalor soiree would be complete without Elena’s bracelet and hair flower. Let’s start with the bracelet!

Gather up your supplies: 

This is a great activity to get kids of all ages involved in! Just make sure to keep a close eye on any little ones that may still have the urge to put things in their mouth that don’t belong there (i.e. probably anyone under the age of 2). You will need 5-6 pipe cleaners per bracelet, depending on how big your little princess’s wrist is. My daughter has a very petite wrist, so we only used 5. String half of the pipe cleaners with gold pony beads and the other half with the turquoise pony beads. Isn't this Elena of Avalor DIY bracelet the cutest! Can't wait to make this with my little princess at her party!

Pair up 1 strand of turquoise pony beads with 1 strand of gold pony beads and twist one end together. Repeat with the remaining strands. Take the pairs of pipe cleaners and lay them out side by side close together. Start to braid the pairs, keeping the strands laying flat (see above). It helps to tape down the twisted ends of the pipe cleaners. Holding the ends so no bead fall off, test the length of the bracelet on your princess’s wrist and add/remove beads as needed. Once you have reached the desired length, twist the strands of each end together and then twist together to form a circle. That is it! 

Now, on the headband. This will require a small bit of sewing knowledge, but not too much! 


  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Green Elastic Ribbon, cut to length to fit around your daughter’s head (I could not find this on Amazon for a decent price! Look in the sewing section of your local Walmart or Fabric/Sewing store)
  • Gold Glitter Tulle
  • Orange Ribbon
  • Green Tulle

Love! What a great idea for a quick and comfortable Elena of Avalor headband! Can be worn all day long without any complaining!

Sew the ends of the elastic ribbon together. Next take a small, 1″ wide strip of the green tulle and arrange long-ways on the elastic ribbon. This is the leaves and stem of the flowers, so try to fold and layer a little. Sew onto the elastic ribbon. Next, take a 1″ wide strip of the gold glitter tulle and layer on top of the green tulle and sew on in the same idea. Make sure you can still see the green tulle beneath! Now, Take the orange ribbon and start folding it in a circular direction to form a flower. Make sure the “petals” always overlap in the center! Sew the center of the folds so that the flower “petals” stay together and sew onto the headband. Repeat with different sized ribbon flowers and sew onto the headband. Feel free to add more or less flowers!


That’s it! Now your little princess and her friends will look just like the Crown Princess of Avalor any day they please! 

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