Elena of Avalor Party! My daughter would love this so much! Disney has surely outdone themselves with their new princess! Love!

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Eleeena, Elena of Avalor! Am I the only parent who has had the theme song from Disney’s newest princess stuck in my head? No? Oh, good! My little Minnie has been OBSESSED with Elena of Avalor for about the past week and what better way to welcome the new princess than with a little party?

Set the table for a fiesta!
The heat wave in the Midwest has been A-W-F-U-L, so what better way to break up the monotony of being stuck inside all week than to welcome Disney’s newest princess? With only a few items for decoration, your little princess can enjoy a perfectly royal fiesta! 


*I purchased some of these items from our local Walmart, with better prices than Amazon. I tried to find similar items on Amazon if you prefer to shop that way. 🙂

Let's party! Throw an amazing Elena of Avalor party on a budget!

I swear I did not spend hundreds of dollars on all of this! I didn’t even spend $100 on all this! My total came out somewhere around $30 for the decorations (not including food & craft items), which I don’t find excessive for a birthday party (This was a fun little party for my daughter to celebrate Elena with her friends, but I plan on reusing all of this when her birthday rolls around in January!) 

Add pops of color to your party with fiesta inspired hanging fans!

The decorations for our Elena of Avalor party are super kid friendly! The only parts my daughter could not help me with were the hanging of the Fiesta Fans over the table. Otherwise, I really tried to let her design (with some suggestions 🙂 )  the look. For the table we folded the fuchsia fabric in half and laid it down like a table runner and cut a length of gold glitter tulle to fit. Next, take your leftover loose craft jewels and sprinkle over the tulle. 

For the place settings, take a gold dinner plate and layer a gold glitter tulle round and a gold dessert plate on top. It gives a nice ruffle look to the setting. 

Pretty ruffles make every seat at your Elena of Avalor Party just right!

At our viewing station, a.k.a. T.V., I cut out these amazing Elena banner printable from Disney LOL and attached them to the T.V. stand, while hanging the orange fan garland to give a pop of color. 

What Elena of Avalor Party would be complete without fiesta ready decor?


Find beautiful printable for your Elena of Avalor Party at Disney LOL!

The pom-poms were a last minute purchase and I am glad I bought them! They were perfect little accents on the table top and with the decorations by the T.V.

Let the kids help decorate! Littles will love making their own Royal Goblets with craft jewels and glue for an Elena-inspired fiesta!
Let your party goers get in on the royal fun! I let my littles decorate the royal “goblets” with glue and the loose party jewels. They are in no way perfect, but they are perfectly cute! 


Find fun printable for your Elena of Avalor party online at Disney LOL!

I love that Disney LOL released some amazing printables that are party perfect! The coloring pages are beautiful and intricate and the crown printable was a huge hit with Minnie. She seriously has worn it everywhere this past week. Even princesses get tired!

Looking for yummy nibbles for your amazing party? Check out my post for Elena’s Easy Empanadas to treat your party guests or how about a fun Elena inspired DIY? See DIY Elena of Avalor Headband and Bracelet

Is your daughter an Elena fan? Give her a magical party with an Avalor flair!

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Throw a beautiful party for your Elena of Avalor fan!



8 thoughts on “How to Have an Elena of Avalor Party On a Budget!

    1. Carrie Post author

      Hi Julie! it is pretty awesome, especially if you have a little girl in your house. 🙂 Have you tried the Disney Jr. app or the Disney Channel app? I’m not sure how long it takes for episodes to start showing up on there if you don’t have a cable subscription.


  1. T. M. Brown

    I have heard so many wonderful things about this show from my friends with littles. My boys are growing up too fast and have no interest in Disney JR programming anymore, but I think Elena of Avalor is a beautiful addition to the Disney Princess family!


    1. Carrie Post author

      Hi T.M.! Thank you for visiting my blog! Elena is on Disney Channel as well! Depending on the age of your boys, I think they may like the show, Disney has done a good job at not making it terribly girly.


  2. Tawnie

    Hello Carrie thank you for your beautiful post I just assumed that I would be able to open these printables on The Disney LOL site. My party is tomorrow and none of the links work do you know if Disney deacctivated them? I would appreviate any tips you mat have. When I click on a link I just get a flashing mickey ears icon do they just take a long time to download??


    1. Carrie Post author

      Thank you, Tawnie! I’m not sure what is going on with the Disney LOL links, so sorry for the inconvenience! I hope they get it figured out soon because they are super cute printables. Thanks again!


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