Skip your boring old garage sale and make money off your stuff all year long. Great tips to successfully sell your junk now!That’s right, you heard me. There is no need to have a physical in-person garage sale ever again. All you need to make some money off your old stuff is the interwebs. 

Garage sales take a ton of energy to plan, set up, run, and take back down again. Skip all the hassle and head over to your friendly neighborhood Facebook instead! All over the country, in just about any community, you will find a Facebook Garage Sale Group (and if your community doesn’t have one, you can start it!). The Facebook Garage Sale Group is basically a virtual garage sale where you can post pretty much anything you would have sold in a garage sale, but you don’t have to get up at 5:30 am and sit in your freezing garage until the people show up. 🙂 What’s even better? You can sell your stuff ALL YEAR LONG! No more waiting for April or September and storing bins of unwanted items in your precious storage space. 

Head on over to my post Garage Sale How-To for more awesome tips!

Every group has different rules: some only allow children’s items, while others are for furniture, etc,  but they pretty much all operate the same way.

Here are the steps you will need to take to be a Facebook Garage Sale Star!

  1. Price – Just like a normal garage sale, you will need to determine the price for the item you are selling. Personally, on Facebook Garage Sales, I tend to price a little higher due to people always wanting to haggle. This is really a judgement call for you. 
  2. Picture – It is super important that you get a good, clear photo of your item. Items that are listed with good photos sell faster and for more money! If you are selling clothes, clear an area and lay the items out flat (try to smooth out any wrinkles), and get a good overhead shot. Lighting is really important here, it can be the difference of an item’s color coming out right and this will save you from headaches down the road. Choose a spot that has great natural light, by a window or a really well lit room.  Take several and choose the best one. 
  3. Be honest! – Yes, your daughter’s 2nd birthday dress may have cost you an arm and it is totally adorable, but don’t lie about the cake and frosting stains that are hiding in the folds! List any stains, holes, or defects with the item and price accordingly. 
  4. List it – Keep the listing brief, include any vital information, and any limitations(smoke-free, pet-free, travel limitations, pick-up location). Also, include all the important details in the TITLE! Leaving your title as Girl’s Tank Top will not get as many takers as 4T Girl’s Sofia the First Tank Top (see? it’s all in the details!)
  5. Be safe! – Please be safe when meeting your buyer, choose a well-lit spot in a well-traveled area. The most popular meeting spot in my area is a parking lot of a big box store. Why? Because it is central to a well-traveled road and has a great space on one end that allows for people to easily wait and be well-seen. 

Skip the garage sale this year and make some money on your local Facebook Garage Sale Group! 

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