Skip your boring old garage sale and make money off your stuff all year long. Great tips to successfully sell your junk now!That’s right, you heard me. There is no need to have a physical in-person garage sale ever again. All you need to make some money off your old stuff is the interwebs.  (more…)

So yummy, the perfect Cinco de Mayo cake! I make this for all of my summer parties, especially cookouts!Oh, Tres Leches Cake, how I love thee! I can remember a small Hispanic bakery that moved into our little community some years ago and introduced us all to Tres Leches cake. One bite and we were hooked! It was a sad, sad day when that bakery closed its doors. For so many years, I never even attempted to make my own Tres Leches Cake — I was convinced it was just too difficult, what with the three types of milk and all. Oh, how wrong I have been! (more…)

A Disney vacation with kids under 10 means you NEED a stroller! Especially love the hack for how to keep yourself and your stroller riders cool at Disney World and Disneyland!

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Lists, lists, lists. I love lists! Everything is so orderly and I (probably) won’t forget anything.  When it is time to start planning and packing for a Disney adventure, lists are the only thing that keep me from losing my mind.  (more…)

Our favorite resting spot at Disney World! So beautiful and so quiet!  Love to pretend we are Rapunzel at the Lantern festival
Hi there! Welcome back! The next post for the Magic In The Details Series is all about the BEST bathroom in all of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World: Rapunzel’s Bathroom. It’s ok, this isn’t going to turn into some oversharing critique of which toilet to use or anything like that. Promise! (more…)

Have a successful and no stress garage sale.April showers bring May garage sales I always say! Well, not really, but it’s true. After welcoming spring and rampaging thru the house with spring cleaning, I always find I have one too many boxes of stuff that is of no use to us. Sorry, to my kids’ grandparents, but those stuffed animals and those “must have” parenting items just aren’t making the cut anymore. Sayanora!  (more…)

Our FAV way to stop and enjoy our coffee in the morning at Disney World!  The best part of Main Street U.S.A.!
I am super excited to be doing my very first series! I am all about living a contented life and  having a fabulous Disney vacation…two things that seem like polar opposites! But why is that? What is it about Disney that just drives even the most sane, tranquil, and serene parent to be melting down at the end of a magical day at the Magic Kingdom? I like to think it’s expecting too much of vacations(really, it can be magical and not be perfect!) and forgetting to stop and slurp a dole whip. 🙂 (more…)

This is the BEST tip I have ever heard for any Disney Vacation! Perfect for Disney World and Disneyland! Have a stress-free trip with minimal melt downs.

There are millions of tips from blogs, your friends, or even Disney itself on how to have an enjoyable trip to Walt Disney World. All, or most, are pretty awesome and I highly recommend following them. But, there is one tip that is the KEY to having a memorable, magical, and all around amazing trip. Are you ready? You sure? (more…)

Help! My kids are melting down at Disney!I’m pretty sure every parent’s worst nightmare is planning a wonderful Disney trip  and on the first day at Magic Kingdom their kid is throwing a major tantrum for all of the park to see…..totally been there. What is a parent to do? Do I give them a timeout? Leave the park? What? (more…)